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When a loved one gets sick and does not have an estate plan in place designating the power to make decisions for him or her, many families turn to guardianships and conservatorships. At the Taylor Logan Law Firm, PLLC, we work with families in these difficult situations to get the proper legal documents in place to go forward.


Guardianships give individuals the power to make decisions necessary to care for the physical and mental well-being of loved ones who are unable to care for themselves. Getting a guardianship put in place requires the statement of a doctor, on record, that the person to be cared for cannot make his or her own decisions. We work with families to get that documentation, to inform all interested parties and to petition the court for guardianship. We also represent clients involved in guardianship hearings. Because this occurs at a difficult time, we try to keep the process as simple for our clients by handling much of the paperwork on their behalf.


Conservatorship gives individuals the rights and responsibilities to manage the finances and legal matters of loved ones when they are incapable of doing so. When the person needing care does not have a durable power of attorney as part of an estate plan, a conservatorship can be necessary to allow a child, spouse or partner to deal with the bank or mortgage company on behalf of the individual who requires assistance. The Taylor Logan Law Firm, PLLC helps clients petition to have a conservatorship put in place and also advise them on managing the assets.

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