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For most people estate planning is a vital part of planning for the end of life. However, planning for an uncertain future can seem daunting. Most people just want a simple process to get their assets to their loved ones. The Taylor Logan Law Firm, PLLC helps to develop customized estate plans based on your families’ unique circumstances. We provide simple solutions to complex situations, allowing families to accomplish their goals without unnecessary confusion or expense. We assist clients in creating comprehensive estate plans, which may include the following instruments:

  • Wills: allow you to designate where your assets will go upon your death, providing judicial oversight of probate administration.

  • Trusts: hold assets for the benefit of one or more beneficiaries both during your life and after you have passed, with a trustee designated to manage the assets.

  • Durable powers of attorney: designate another person who can handle your legal affairs while you are still alive, but unable to handle them yourself.

  • Living Wills: designate an individual who can make medical decisions on your behalf when you are unable to make them yourself.

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