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Losing a loved one can be very emotionally difficult, making estate administration and probate even more overwhelming. The Taylor Logan Law Firm, PLLC guides clients through the necessary process of distributing an estate as they are grieving.


When The Taylor Logan Law Firm, PLLC handles the administration of an estate, we constantly communicate with the family members and friends who will be receiving assets. We understand that at a time when emotions are running high, it is easy for family relations to get strained. We act as a neutral third party that is working to build trusting relationships with all involved. 


As attorneys, our goal with estate administration is always to simplify the process for our clients, and to help them bear the burden of responsibility. We prepare the necessary paperwork and provide clients with the instruction they need. We provide legal advising and representation at the level the client needs.


Many people find probate confusing and difficult. That is why The Taylor Logan Law Firm, PLLC helps them navigate the probate process, giving them the support they need to ensure an estate is handled properly.

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